Month: December 2016

I have been Christmas shopping. Or thinking about Christmas shopping. Or worrying about not having done all of the Christmas shopping. And then there is the wrapping to contend with. Except for those annoyingly smug people who like to boast about having finished the shopping last February and having it all wrapped up by July. […]

I was going to write a light-hearted post, but I can’t.  So we sit and watch a proxy war whilst innocent people continue to die. Two square kilometres, I believe. And the evacuation is delayed. Why? Not enough children dead already? Homes obliterated? Families ripped apart? It’s at times like this that I really, really […]

  Over a year ago the Man of the House and I decided that we had life far too easy. We had not long moved into a new house, and bought some new furniture for it. Each of our children had a bedroom that they could slam the door to. I had a little room […]