Month: February 2017

For the benefit of those of you who have never laid eyes on me, I am average. I am tallish, but nothing out of the way. My hair is brown, my eyes are blue, my skin is fair – English-rose fair that turns pink after about thirty seconds in the sun. I am wholly unremarkable […]

  I don’t really like Valentine’s Day very much. I never have. Part of it is the rampant commercialism, but also the other part of it is the gushing nonsense it has made of love. As far as I can tell it is a day in which perfectly loveable and already very loved people are at […]

Today I find myself in the rather strange position of wanting to stand up for David Beckham. This is not something that I have had any urge to do before. And I am certain that he neither wants nor needs my support. He’s a grown man; talented, successful, handsome, with a sophisticated and expensive PR […]

I take my children to and collect them from school.  As do a lot of parents.  I drive as we do not live in the same village as the school and it’s hard enough getting out of the door – if we had to add a forty five minute walk through fields into it, then I […]