Natalie Gist went to school in Leicester- her form room was about twenty feet from where Richard III was recently found and now forms part of the visitor’s centre. She, and pretty much everyone in her school year, was delirious with excitement at the discovery of the King so close to where they now wished they had paid more attention in History lessons. When Leicester City Football Club won the Premiership in 2016, it was reported that everyone in Leicester was drunk for a week.

After leaving school, Natalie became an undergraduate at Warwick University.  It is all a bit hazy, but she did get a law degree.  She then moved onto Nottingham Law School as a postgraduate. Qualifying as a solicitor in 2001, Natalie practised law in Stratford upon Avon where drinking and dancing in the office is frowned upon, except at Christmas when it is heartily encouraged.

In 2007 Natalie became a mother for the first time and wrote her first book ‘A Mummy’s Guide to Gardening’ in 2009.  Like every other writer, she is trying to gather her thoughts into a book.  Whilst she is avoiding doing this, she notes her most bizarre thoughts in her blog, which may also occasionally see pop up on other sites – subjects range from Brexit to body hair.

Since 2009 she has grown squeezed two more people out of her person and kept them all, and their father, alive. She lives with all four of them her carrot-stealing labrador, two rescue kittens and six chickens in Warwickshire.  The above picture is a view from one of the walks that the Hound takes her on.